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Most of you are probably familiar with my top product called XML Flip Book / AS3, I have already released 2 major updates which brought new features and improvements. Now it is time to start working on the third update*, thats why I want to ask you for your ideas on how to improve my product. Please share any of your thoughts each idea will be considered, it can concern functionality graphics or any other aspect of Flip Book. If there is anything you would like to see in the new release please share it.

* The new version probably will be released in 1-3 months from now.

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Hi, my name is Kuba and I am the founder of massiveProCreation. I am interested in almost everything that is connected to technology (specially Adobe Flash). If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me :)

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  • While I realise that this is a FLIP book, improved navigation would be great. For example, if we use a content page and have three links on each – each an different answer to a question – they should take you to different pages. However, once on one of these distant pages, you would not want to flip to the next page because it would not be the right one. Flipping should take you back to the original page from which you jumped.

    Tags like flip=”back” in the page tag would enable you to specify this. What about the original page with all the links? If you right-flipped that one, it would probably take you to the first of the “answer” pages above, so the field in that page tag could be flip=”page8″ and you would jump ahead of any intervening pages.

    If this could be done, we’d have a phenomenal product because I think, for the money, this is the best piece of software I’ve purchased in a long time.

  • Maybe already requested: get pages from .pdf document.

  • I would be great if you also make it available for Joomla

  • One thing you have to add is thumbs covers when theres many books to automaticly switch to bigger photo on the choosed book loading without the need to zoom, and thanks for the great work.

  • I hope that it will support flipping from right to left.. as arabic & hebrew books.

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