iEnvato 2.0.1 RC1

iEnvato 2.0 is here, I have just uploaded the first release candidate to the server. The new version bring many improvements: advanced statistics, brand new look and much more. I will also try to port the application to Android and iOS. The new version of iEnvato constantly stores your sales in the XML so after few months of using it you will have full record of your sales, also you can add them manually from your CSV files (statements).

The iEnvatoSalesData.xml is located:

  • Windows XP: c:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\APP_NAME
  • Win Vista/7: c:\users\USERNAME\appdata\roaming\APP_NAME
  • OSX : /Users/USERNAME/Library/Preferences/APP_NAME
  • Linux (ubuntu): /Users/USERNAME/.appdata/

You have to convert the CSV to XML structure there are two ways to do this:
1. Visit this site then use this code as XML template:


You have to download the CSV file change the extension to TXT remove the ” ” inside just hit find & replace with text editor and replace the ” with blank space.

2. RyanDavies has wrote a little PHP script that coverts the CSV to XML automatically (get it here)

Just put it on a webserver, make a directory for your files, and upload the csvs, then browse to the page, it will create text files for every csv in there.

Please note that if you don’t fill the data manually the statistics at he beginning may not be occurred. I have been asked previously is there a way to change the sound? Yes there is just navigate to source folder open it and there resources you will find a coin.mp3 just overwrite with any sound you like ;)

This application runs across all marketplaces so it is a must have for all Envato Authors!

Please tell me what you think, and if you have any suggestions or you found a bug please leave a comment.

P.S If you like the app please donate, otherwise little kittens will die (It’s on your conscience)!

Download iEnvato 2.0 RC 1

UPDATE: I have updated the RC1 to RC2, connectivity issues fixed and font windows problem also fixed. You can either re-download the app or click “check for updates” (right click the iEnvato icon) the app will automatically update.

PLEASE NOTE: The download of RC2 version was broken I have fixed it now. For those of you who try to update from version 1.2.2 (or earlier) of iEnvato please download the full release and install it separately :)

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About the Author: Kuba Gaj

Hi, my name is Kuba and I am the founder of massiveProCreation. I am interested in almost everything that is connected to technology (specially Adobe Flash). If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me :)

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  • Awesome work MPC, love it! :-)

  • Awesome…

    Is possible in the future have the option to minimize to tray ?


  • You can minimize it by heating the “Close” button. It wont close it will hide to try. If it doesn’t please tell me because it should ;)

  • Yes you’re right, excellent

    Thanks !!!

  • Testing.
    Very nice app.

  • Question: I am trying to import my last months CSV files, but can’t find the xml file “iEnvatoSalesData.xml”

    I’m on xp right now and can’t find the folder “APP_NAME” nor the above xml file!

    I have been able to convert the csv files to .txt files successfully…

    c:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\APP_NAME

  • Hi Hadi, the folder name probably is com.massiveProCreation.iEnvato :)

  • Great work. Very good job and thank U :)

  • yeah, got it :)

  • There seem to be a problem with the dates. I mean, it show 15/081/2010 instead of 15/09/2010.. looks like it’s a problem with months which numbers are less than 10.

  • Hi Marpies, where do you see this? In the Data grid or in the statistics?

  • In the grid.

  • I love your application, I use it all the time. Great work, thanks

  • Cześć Kuba,
    There is an error on the “Compare Months” page”: popup labels are stating wrong months.

    Anyway, useful stuff, thanks.

  • Uuu, one more nasty thing. After couple hours of keeping it in the tray, part of data mysteriously disappeared (e.g. empty grid), and after closing and reopening the app, all data is gone, and the xml is only 1kb.
    Tested on 2 different machines,

  • I cant close the application OS X 10.6.4

  • Hi Kubasto, the grid is empty because the app was refreshing too often and you where blocked from the API for one hour, I will fix that.

    Diego, just hit the “EXIT” sixth option from the menu (right click the doc icon)

  • yo,
    coś źle pokazuje last month income (przy okazji literówka, jest tam moth zamiast month ;) ) i last month sales. Poza tym genialna robota! dzięki :)

  • Hi Rzepak, did you input your last month statement into the iEnvatoSalesData.xml ?

  • Great job!

    For some reason I have to “force quit” the application in order for it to quit. I’m running on a macbook pro with snow leopard.

  • … I just realized that I need to select “Exit” and it shuts down. “Quit” only makes it disappear from my desktop.

  • today I opened iEnvato and noticed that all of the last months CSV data is removed!!! anyone experiencing this?

  • I can’t update to RC2. I click update and nothing…

    Right now I have iEnvato 2.0 RC1 and it’s buggy… very buggy…
    I’m on Windows 7.

  • Hello, cool soft!

    Sorry my stupid question, please can anybody describe csv-xml convert process (#2 from RyanDavies) more detailed – I uploaded all to server, in folder with .php I create folder “uploads” ant put there csv’s and when I try to go to “http://…./csvconv.php” then Opera and FF offers me to download or open php file and nothing happend when I open it, IE or Chrome browser just shutting down. What I do wrong?
    And also one question, If I succes convert my scv’s to xml’s with same names (by one xml file for every months statistic for example 12 files for year) what I need to do? Put all this files in folder near iEnvatoSalesData.xml or somehow create one xml file from all this converted files? Please help.

    Thank you!

  • This program sometimes doesn’t work :((
    I have few suggestions:
    - start with windows (ok it can be manually done with startup…)
    - start minimized (in tray)
    - rollover on tray icon to show little popup with fresh informations: balance: $xxx, total sales: xxx sales
    - new sale notification little popup over the tray icon, with X button for closing popup
    - sound is ok, but I prefer this one :))

    Thanks for software :)
    All the best.


  • Great and usefull app! Thanx a lot!
    May I suggest to have an option to convert us$ to Euros or other currencies?
    Keep up your great work!

  • Great and usefull

  • Hi Kuba.
    Hey Kuba!. Congrats for such a great tool. Never used til today, can’t understand why, been to lazy for trying it out. :) Just one thing for those ones interested in using the Ryan Davies PHP script. It has errors while translating the csv codes, the position of the nodes are different from your latest xml version, and also it switches amount/description. I’ve rewrote the code, so share it here in case someone needs it:

    Best regards!

  • Thanks Jesus!

  • How do I get it to work? I am running Mac 10.5.8?
    I have downloaded the file and it says – There is no default application specified to open the document “iEnvato.air”.

  • You need to install Adobe AIR Player ;)

  • Yep, know! I think I was half asleep! Sorry to waste your time being a little slow! Drrrrrrrrr……. It is Sunday after all!

  • I’m also having a problem quitting the program in OS X 10.6.8. The only way I can close it is to Force Quit. The standard ⌘Q doesn’t quit the program.

    Otherwise, it’s a great program and I’m enjoying using it. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • I have problem with the app.It shows me wrong sales and wrong amound.I have installed this in win7 and in Vista.

  • Awesome app, dude. So very helpful. Thanks a ton :)

  • Hi Kuba, I have a couple of suggestions. When we click on “Refresh” or “Restart” button, we have to guess that the action has occurred. It would be awesome if there’s some animation to show the progress..
    Also, it would be sweet if double clicking on the taskbar icon brings up iEnvato.

  • Ok, here’s one more: It would be great if iEnvato saved the last used Chart format. It’s bad that we have to manually change to Chart Version 2 each time.

  • Is it possible to enable this baby to make some noise if I get a review (new item comment)?


  • There is wrong link for your twitter account in this software (lower left corner), and because of that tweets are not visible.

    It’s mProCreation instead of mpcreation

    All the best :)


  • It would be nice if open source. Maybe you can generate a repository on github.

  • Any news for android? :)

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