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For the past few days I have found many cool links on twitter I will post them below. Also I have cleaned my friends section on Twitter (if you are my friend and I forgot about you please remind me and I will add you to my friends :D ), I have removed MANY people mostly because they haven’t tweeted or they where spamers.

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In this blog post from Down the Foxhole you will find many useful tips and news from Flash word. The most interesting: 10 Killer Flash Tips For Beginners, Adobe Flash Accessibility: Best Practices for Design and 3D Pixel Fun. Make sure to check them out!

Creative Bookmarks: Best of August 2009
This is set of most Creative Bookmarks from August 2009, included are: photoshop tutorials, illustrator tutorials, blogging tutorials and freebies (inspiration and resources). If you are a designer you have to check those tutorials out!

From PSD to HTML, Building a Set of Website Designs Step by Step
Great tutorial by Collis, he takes us through entire process of getting from Photoshop to complete HTML wordpress theme. Here is the quote about this tutorial:

We’re going to build out a set of 4 PSD mockups of a website that eventually will become a WordPress theme. It’s a massive tutorial, so if you’re going to follow through to the end, make sure you have a few hours to spare!

10 Tips for Flex Application Performance
Very useful article by Andrew Trice from InsideRIA. This article includes 10 tips that will keep our Flex application fast, lean and responsive. Those tips are categorized into three rules:

  • Rule #1 Clean up after yourself,
  • Rule #2 If you don’t have to do it, don’t do it,
  • Rule #3 Use the language appropriately.

Flash&Flex Developer’s Magazine now free.
From now on the Flash&Flex Developers Magazine will be free of charge in the pdf format. You can download the newest version from here.
Whats inside:

  • Options when planning a Video Application with FMS
  • Flex Remoting with AMFPHP – in depth
  • Multiple File Upload Using AMFPHP
  • Unconditional Patterns—The State and Strategy Design Patterns: Part I
  • PureMVC for haXe
  • A Journey into Adobe Flex Charting Components [Part1]

80 Creative Ways to Customize Your MacBook
Very cool article which shows 80 ways to customize your MacBook. I have viewed the different stickers for hours :D My favourite is this one.

At the end two additional links that you might like
Killing IE6 Helps Fight World Hunger (Really!)
50 Most Usable RIAs

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