Scaleform Gfx brings Flash to the Unreal engine

I cannot believe this but Scaleform has announced that their Flash based solution for graphic interfaces in games (Scaleform Gfx) will be added free of charge into Unreal Engine!

Here is a little video which shows the Scaleform Gfx in action embedded into Unreal Tournament III. This 3D UI really fits Unreal spirit.

Few years back I was a hard core UT player, now I am a Flash Developer, it’s nice to see those two binding :) It’s really impressing how the whole thing works together, keep your fingers crossed for more flash based UIs in games.

Explanation by Zosi form reddit.com

To clear up some confusion… Scaleform isn’t new. It’s a popular Flash-based toolkit for making game GUIs, and it has been used in dozens of high-profile games over the past few years. The Unreal Engine support isn’t new either. Scaleform Gfx supports most of the popular game engines out there, including UE.

What IS new is that Scaleform Gfx is now being bundled with Unreal Engine, including the free version. This is great news, as it makes another professional-level tool available for aspiring game developers without the need to mess with expensive licenses just to learn the tech.

I hope this comment helps sort out the confusion ;)

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Hi, my name is Kuba and I am the founder of massiveProCreation. I am interested in almost everything that is connected to technology (specially Adobe Flash). If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me :)

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  • I didn`t know about it but I`m realy impressed. Powerful stuff! Good to know

  • This is excellent! I have always wanted to be able to use flash in a game engine, without lots of work. Now it’s possible. Unreal Engine Rocks!

  • hey! 3D menus on a 3D shooter like… like… Sauerbraten! http://sauerbraten.org/ yeah, cube2 has 3d menus on game since a lot of time :P okey okey it hasn’t flash :P

  • Two diseases join – wouldn’t say I’m sad about it – will just help getting rid of both faster and faster ;-)

  • Indeed, eliasp, 2 diseases meet.AS 2 has really no workflow, it isn’t actually full OOP, and has a LOT of issues.Scaleform GFX adds to the native problems of the components for flash by adding their own event system and a very naive and error-prone workflow.are there any alternatives?

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