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I just came back from a vacation and I have to share few thought that rumble through my head. I know that probably no one will read this because you visit this blog only to get some freebies (or by mistake), still I need to share it somewhere and probably this is the best place.

First things first, I bought the new MacBook Pro I am not saying this to brag about it. I just want to point one thing, it has an SSD drive. My question is why the hell people still use standard Hard Drives? I always thought that the boost is minor but when I first lunched the OS X Lion it is just WOW. I know it is expensive but it is totally worth every penny. The performance boost just blew my head off. Form the time I switched to Mac I wasn’t pleased with the Creative Suite performance but now the Photoshop starts up in 3 seconds :O

If you are thinking about getting one don’t hesitate, just buy it.

As I said earlier I came back from a vacation I spent few days in Croatia. It would be a great vacation you might say but it wasn’t. Croatia is almost in European Union so you might think there will be no problem in getting a Wi-Fi connection but you would be wrong. In the whole town there was only one restaurant that had internet connection but they wont let you seat until you ordered something to eat (coffee was not enough), and who wants to eat pizza every morning? After spending the whole first day of my vacation trying to find internet connection I gave up. I though “It will be good for me to stay offline for few days” (It wasn’t). With no internet connection there was nothing else to do but to visit the beach, and surprise surprise it was almost full (It looked almost like in St. Tropes). After laying for 30 seconds on the beach I found out that 90% of the people there came form Poland… I drove 1200 kilometers just to end up in a country with the same people. I really miss last years vacation in Macedonia…

I hope to get some feedback :) Cheers!

P.S I love the new WordPress full screen mode.

About the Author: Kuba Gaj

Hi, my name is Kuba and I am the founder of massiveProCreation. I am interested in almost everything that is connected to technology (specially Adobe Flash). If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me :)

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  • Wow, that’s funny. Pizza = Internet connections, that’s the catch of the business. I can’t image 90% of the tourist are from your country.. I have no idea how close you are from Croatia. Anyway, it’s a great experience from you and nothing is wasted.

    Take it easy and enjoy life while we can.



  • Anyway, Gaj,

    How can I use the FLIP BOOK I purchased? , I downloaded it and I can’t see any software just pics and icons.

    Please advise.


  • Ha,
    Thats crazy. After traveling around 6 times to europe I finally gave up on connection for free. Here Is sunny California I could go to Starbucks for wifi or many other coffeeshops(without even buying anything). In Italy we had the worse time with internet. I tell you one thing, you mostly know thing from where you live and I bet there are things available and we just don’t know it because we are not from there.

    I agree with SSD, I just bought a Vaio Z and first experience with SSD and its crazy fast and I agree worth every single penny.

    Do you even ready your own blog?

  • HI @Sifosid, last year I have traveled few Europe and the best way to get some connection was Mc’Donalds. What do you mean by “Do you even ready your own blog?” ?:)

  • I said it because you said:
    ” I know that probably no one will read this because you visit this blog only to get some freebies”
    and person above me didn’t have an answer then I though probably you have emailed him. But I wasn’t here for that but I went on your facebook and saw your post and interested me to read more.

    McDonald??… Thanks for the tip, I will try that next time because internet @ hotels is terrible even more and pricey. Nice Flash work!

  • Even in some African countries like Morocco almost all hotels >1 star have internet! You should consider visiting us some day :)

    Just found your blog from the excellent iEnvato, thank you :)

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  • (Bardzo lubię|Uwielbiam|Ubóstwiam|Lubię) zaznajamiać się z takimi (informacjami|ciekawostkami|nowinami|zagadnieniami) wieczorową porą :). (Teraz natomiast|A teraz|Niestety, ale) muszę już (iść do łóżka|uciekać spać|zamknąć oczy na kilka godzin)

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