Steve Jobs says: ‘Adobe is Lazy’

Finally we heard from Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) what he have to say about lack of Flash on iPad:

About Adobe: They are lazy, Jobs says. They have all this potential to do interesting things but they just refuse to do it. They don’t do anything with the approaches that Apple is taking, like Carbon. Apple does not support Flash because it is so buggy, he says. Whenever a Mac crashes more often than not it’s because of Flash. No one will be using Flash, he says. The world is moving to HTML5.

Source: wired.com

I really haven’t expected such a statement, I totally disagree with Steve. Flash is not dying and there is no way it will die any time soon. HTML5 is a good technology but before IE will support it years will pass… And about the Flash stability: I am a mac user for over two year (I know its not very long but still) and my mac never got frozen because of Flash. There are many buggy Flash apps out there but for me they only throw errors(never caused a freeze). I wonder if Adobe will response to this somehow.

Apple stared a war with Google and Adobe and I really don’t see the point, it’s about the money as always…

What do you think guys?

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  • I have the same feeling as you… My MacBookPro has now more than two years and I have never, ever got a crash on the browser because of Flash… And I read an article saying that HTML5 is not yet stabilished and it’s already outdated… Silverlight and Flash have Multitouch already, what about HTML5? People say Flash is a memory hog? Look at the new HTML5 site were it gets my Mac to 105%… lol

  • Yeah, with the new FWA site (made with HTML5) I got 100% CPU usage ;)

  • This campaign that Steve Jobs (Apple) has against Adobe and Google is a no win battle. That grudge that has been eating at him ever since Flash video decimated Quicktime as the number one way to deliver video on the internet has been eating at him slowly throughout the years. Good luck Steve; get some therapy man.

  • Perhaps there is a behind-the-scenes story here, but my impressions is that Adobe has not been on the ball with respect to Flash on the Apple platforms.
    I have encountered flash apps that crash the browser for me. consistently only on the Mac. Real Rhapsody is one that comes immediately to mind. (I have laptops running Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu around the house).
    I think Steve J is right that HTML5 will eventually replace Flash. But it is certain that it won’t happen for a while. Just look look how long it is taking to flush IE6 off the web. Adobe needs to get off its duff. Otherwise they will get be pushed to the side that much faster.

  • Yeah HTML5 can replace Flash but only when Flash wont be developed anymore, otherwise before HTML5 will be available on IE Flash will be way more powerful.

  • I agree with Steve, totally.

  • In light of how apple handles java, one can not take Steve words seriously.

    “Mac crashes more often than not it’s because of Flash.”
    So flash is part of the kernel or something? While flash under linux is not great(ok really poor) and under mac os it is probably not much better. I’m not sure if apple doesn’t have a responsibility themselves as far as sandboxing goes..

  • Steve is a dork and is only doing harm to the mac community with these kind of statements. He doesn’t give a rats bottom about the users, only about making money money money

  • Steve is completely correct. The percentage of web visitors that don’t support or enable Flash is increasing. Flash applications require higher CPU usage (which is a problem for mobile devices), they aren’t resolution independent (which is a problem for very small screens), they don’t automatically adapt to devices without keyboards and mice and, according to the crash reporter stats that Apple receives, the Flash plug-in is the number one cause for application crashes.

    Flash is a dead-end. It’s not scalable to the new device requirements. HTML5 will pass it by and Apple is accelerating the inevitable.

    The industry recognizes that fact as well. That’s why so many sites are now putting HTML5/H.264 site versions in beta. Unfortunately, that’s going to kill Firefox market share. They refuse to license H.264 – for good reasons – but nobody outside of the tech market cares about those reasons. That will accelerate the movement to Chrome.

    As for IE, that’s why Google released the Chrome plug-in. For those people who don’t want to – or can’t – replace IE on their computers. IE’s dominant market share has been slipping quickly and that fall is accelerating.

  • Ted I think you should read this :) http://daringfireball.net/2010/01/apple_adobe_flash

  • Steve and the people against Flash are a bunch of dumbs. Flash player 10 is optimized to use the GPU pipeline so it releases the CPU usage. Flash player 10 is optimized for Mobile devices and in graphics and video is getting to advanced.

    Steve is an arrogant SOB that dont want to allow Flash to iphone because he will loose control of the appstore. All this Apple stuff is because Money and not the technology.

    HTML5 it will take years maybe 10 years to begin with.

    The same story with Steve and Java and VM machines or dynamic languages.
    Apple just want that users use their tools and languages objective-c and cocoa, appkit etc. They want to control users and developers. See the problems for many developers with the appstore they cant deploy their apps before apple aprove.

    Apple and Steves are nuts really and they are only interested on your money not the users needs.

  • @OtengiM @reyco1,



    thx for the link to that great article.

    No matter what, no flash and no multitasking is serious shortcoming in today’s world of computing. I don’t think anyone can deny that. It’s a step backwards.

  • Well, I have a bad feeling about HTML 5. It may be an open format, but it’s the interpreter that matters. Different interpreters different results…. HTML 4, HTML 3, CSS 2, CSS 1,…. all the time the same problems with browser that interprete these differently.

    Now convince me that HTML 5 will change this and put Firefox, Safari, IE, Google Chrome, and so on on par.

    Well, I don’t believe that until I see it.

    Until then Flex remains the only wide spread platform for complex RIAs that can be embedded in a HTML page.

  • Here is also the answer from Lee Brimelow http://theflashblog.com/?p=1719

  • Folks also why bother with just apple, There are tons of mobile devices using windows, Linux, custom OS and Andriod that support Flash very well. In my PS3 and PSP I have flash on it. Also are coming Android MSI Tablet and HP tablets with support of Flash and much more. Apple it is not the ultimate, It just one more vendor that does not have a clue about what the users really needs.

    I own an iMac and a mac laptop but Im not an apple fanboy or zealot, I know what I really need as a tablet or mobile device.

    Let the iPad for the Apple fanboys.

  • John Nack’s sensible article regarding this debate :

  • smart man, strong words.
    I’ve been saying that for the past 2 years: Flash is a dieing technology

  • Well, if Jobs is so smart then he should provide designers with same great tools for html 5 they have for making flash animations. HTML 5 have no chances to replace Flash unless there will be TOOLS to create HTML 5 animations. Animations are not made by developers but mainly by designers, don’t forget that.

  • No one needs Flash (or Silverlight or Flex).

    Pure CSS / HTML and JS is all a good WebDev needs. ;)

  • Apple is stupid, thats all i need to say!!!

    I will never buy Apple Products until they support Flash !!!

    And the best joke of all time is that the guy from apple sayd that the ipad is a revolution or something :D But how can it be a revolution when it doesent support Flash ;) Even my Laptop that is 3 years old does support Flash :)

  • I too agree with Steve…. nice

  • It drives me absolutely insane to read so many blog posts with so much incorrect English usage. It’s painful, really. Please proof-read your posts before you publish them. You’re only making yourself look uneducated.

  • Hi Jordan, I’m really sorry you don’t like my posts/blog but I’m doing my best. As you can see I am not a native speaker but as far as I know most people understand what I have to say… if its so painful for you just don’t read blogs :) From then on everyone will be happy.

    btw. if you want to write something useful please email me with the errors I have made in this post, maybe it will somehow help my lack of education.

  • I don’t know you guy, but I think Steve Jobs has a better odd of getting it right than you guy…

  • Steve is right…not about the Mac crashing always being the fault of Flash but that Adobe is lazy and Flash is just crap in general. I’ve worked with Flex long enough to agree with Steve on that. Look, the latest version of Flex has been out for months and they don’t even have the development environment to match, not to mention that the previous version was the most overpriced piece of crap I’ve ever used.

  • Isn’t HTML5 a standard rather than an implementation.
    Why couldn’t flash be an implementation of the HTML5 tag?
    The only reason I can see is that Adobe wants lock in…but isn’t that what “value added features” are for?

  • I agree about Adobe. I upgrade with every major release and the apps are always really buggy. They really need to concentrate on make stable Mac software.

  • Julian, I’m a mac user for 2 year and in my opinion Adobe Software is far more stable on mac then on PC

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  • Kuba, I haven’t used Adobe apps on a PC for a very long time. And if they are worse on PC then they really have to concentrate on their QA. Especially Fireworks which I use all the time is just way too buggy. And still no fixes… They are waiting for me to upgrade to CS5 in order for me to even zoom in without hitting the keys to make it active a number of times.

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  • Adobe needs to improve Flash and add GPU support for further competitive ability. If HTML5 will make it first, the Flash will have to catch up. Anyway alreasy there are web plugins with GPU, OpenGL support and they will become very widespreaded soon. GPU is the only chance for Flash to not survive in future.
    And next few years HTML 5 will be a child, so Apple will be forced to use Flash Player anyway.

  • Here you go ;)

  • Steve Jobs is ignorant, and is obviously trying to push ignorance as a web standard.
    Steve jobs may not be aware that the web was developed over the past 25 years, and adobe has been apart of for most of that time. I guess he is trying to spread gossip about the web’s future, and apple really isn’t part of it. Rich Internet applications are not really Apples forte. QT4 sux, and steve jobs should focus on trying to compete with JavaFx/Silverlight, and the industry’s most successful RIA platform Flash/Flex. Don’t spread bad information. Do you homework.. Microsoft did. They accepted, and Apple denied. What a chore it must be, to be a gullible elitist. Apple needs to stop melding with real industry standards before they are forgotten. I think of MacIntosh from kindergarten. Stuff like Oregon trail. I don’t think of the web.

  • I have to disagree with Steve Jobs on this. Waiting for HTML5 to be fully accepted is just plain stupid. IE still has to learn how to support new web technologies. Flash has been around for a long time and I feel it’s not going to be obsolete anytime soon.

    As far as crashing macs…. well that’s because of poorly coded flash files. I can say though that from working on both mac and pc. I do find PC’s to perform better in regards to flash. At the same time I do not feel it is Adobe that needs to change but rather Apple. Figure out why it crashes a mac and fix it. Seems like Steve is waiting on Adobe for answers instead of working on solutions within.

    I don’t feel that an application should be banished just because it’s not as friendly on a mac as it is on a pc. It’s like saying Internet exploder will become a thing of the past. Not likely when you think of the size of the companies that represent their applications.

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